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About MyGreenMentor

Jeff Echols


Hi, I'm Jeff! Welcome to MyGreenMentor.

If you came here in search of a full bio, you came to the wrong place. If you really want to know more about me you can find me around the Internet on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Connect with me on a more personal level on one of those networks.

If you came here to learn more about MyGreenMentor you're in luck!

MyGreenMentor is the brainchild born of the success of 800 people gathering to learn to live sustainably. In 2010 the Irvington Green Initiative produced its first 'Skillshare Feastival.' It was proof that an array of sustainability resources exist right under our noses; proof that many are interested in connecting with these resources. It proved that sharing information is vital to encouraging sustainability in our communities and in ourselves.

MyGreenMentor is a website that facilitates sustainability learning through radical relationship building; cultivates a worldwide sustainability network; encourages the action of expanding sustainability and that curates a growing library of interviews with sustainability thinkers, leaders and doers.

In short, MyGreenMentor is your place to come to learn about sustainability, to connect with like minded people and sometimes even be challenged a little.